3 Must Know Criteria Before Taking your Next Shot

3 Must Know Criteria Before Taking your Next Shot

It’s been a long day, and finally, the game you’re searching for enters your crosshairs. The natural reaction is to be eager and fire away, but don’t! Tree stand tips: 4 ways to increase your patience


Follow these 3 criteria when taking a shot, as that will cut down on any mishaps and show respect for the animal in question.

  • Be Certain You Have the Right Animal
    Know what you’re firing at. There’s nothing that drives hunters crazier than someone overzealously shooting a doe thinking it’s a buck. This situation calls for look twice, shoot once.
  • Make Sure Your Shot is a Kill Shot
    Line up a clean shot that will kill the animal instantly. Don’t shoot to wound, that’s cruel and will end up being more work for you in the end with having to track a scared animal.
  • Don’t Interfere with Another Hunter’s Shot
    Bottom line: this is about respect. If your shot would be too close to another hunter’s set up, let it go. If your shot interferes with their shot, let it go. There’s no reason to squabble over game.

Once you’ve certified that all three criterion are satisfied, take a deep breath and fire the shot. You’ve done everything possible to be merciful to the animal and safe to the other hunters. Now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your patience.

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