3 Questions to Answer as a Beginning Hunter

3 Questions to Answer as a Beginning Hunter

One of our goals at HappyHunts is to help all kinds of people experience the outdoors in new ways! But, that also means making sure these people understand important rules of our great sport.

Duck Hunting

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So you’ve decided that hunting is something you’d like to endeavor into.

Great choice! It’s not as simple as picking up a gun and going into the woods, in order to get the most out of your hunting experience, you need to answer these three questions:

  • What game permits are available during the season I intend to hunt?
    When beginning to hunt, identify the season you wish to hunt in as different areas of the U.S. have vastly different seasons. Once you identify the season, it’s paramount to identify the game you seek to hunt. Answering this question helps you obtain the proper licensing. Links to each state’s hunting regulatory agencies is located at HappyHunts – it’s much easier to head there than to navigate through each state’s website, this particular site will deliver you where you need to go for your license. 
  • What is my intention for the hunt?
    Selecting game and your intention with the game you bag is vital. Some hunters only eat their kill while others have more sporting desires. Either way, identifying game is important because this affects your licensing as stated above along with the site you seek to hunt on and the weaponry you use. Once you answer this question many of the dominos needing to fall for your hunt to happen begin toppling. 
  • What is my skill and patience level?
    Many new hunters could have excellent skill with weapons, however if you lack patience, then you may want to steer clear of tricky game like turkeys. Assess how good of a shot you are with the weapon needed for the game you chose in the earlier question. Then assess your patience level. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind spending lots of time in the woods, then perhaps you’d be better equipped mentally to hunt a different type of game.

Once you’ve successfully answered these questions, begin to take the proper courses and get your permits in order. HappyHunts makes it easy to find what permits are required for each state. After you’ve determined what you need to hunt in the area you are interested in, head over to HappyHunts.com to browse land and property listings, reserve the dates you want and get ready for your outdoor adventure!

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