4 Easy Ways to get A Hunting License

4 Easy Ways to get A Hunting License

The most important part of any hunt is making sure before a single shot is fired that you’re allowed to hunt what you’ve decided to hunt.

Different states have vastly different procedures for obtaining the paperwork necessary to hunt, but these four different actions will make obtaining a license much easier:

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1. Fish and Wildlife Commission Websites
Each state offers the necessary information (seasons, quotas, procedures, fees, etc.) on their FWC websites. These sites are important to know because most hunters like to travel and challenge themselves. A great website connecting you to all 50 states FWC’s is HappyHunts.

2. Understand Licensing Requirements
You know the government wants to get their money! Make sure you’ve properly read through all the regulations in order to get the right paperwork and fees in order. Maybe a call to the local FWC will help sort out any confusion.

3. Know When to Hunt
Hunting seasons vary from state to state, just because it’s legal to hunt deer in Florida in a certain month doesn’t mean it’s legal to do the same in Pennsylvania. Before you ever pay a fee or take a course, make sure you can hunt the specific game in season.

4. Find a Licensing Location
Different states have different methods of providing your licenses. Some require you to show up to a certain municipal building, while others distribute licenses in hunting stores. Make sure you know where to go and get the license before you set out on the hunt.

Paperwork is tedious and no one wants to do it, but if you use these four easy methods and obtain your license the hunt will be that much more enjoyable now that you know you’re legal to bag some serious game. At HappyHunts, we do our best to make this process as easy as possible for our users! You can find everything you need on our site, in one convenient place! 

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