4 Major Types of Weapons for Hunting

4 Major Types of Weapons for Hunting

For hunters, there are four different types of weapons. The best type of weapon depends on a few factors such as, the type of game you are hunting, regulations of the property you are hunting on and your personal preference.

  1. Bows
    There are many different types of bows. Recurve, compound, and crossbows are among the most popular. Bow hunting with broadheads takes practice, but can be one of the most rewarding styles of hunting. .

    Bow Hunting

    Photo Credit: Michael Pollak

  2. Muzzleloaders
    Muzzleloaders are old-timey guns harkening back to the Revolution. They are popular and some states run seasons strictly for hunters who prefer to use muzzleloaders. These firearms are extremely accurate, but take a tremendous amount of skill to load and fire. Muzzleloaders may also take on the form of flintlocks and percussion long guns.
  3. Rifles
    Rifles are shoulder-fired firearms. This is probably the most common weapon in hunting, and though muzzleloaders could be considered rifles the biggest difference is the clip size. Rifles allow hunters to reload in intervals instead of after every shot.
  4. Shotguns
    The shotgun has a smooth bore, differentiating it from the rifle. Instead of bullets, it fires shells loaded with pellets. Though shotguns have lower ammunition capacity, they can be more accurate, and with a higher caliber, better for bringing down big game.

The weapons listed above are the most common weapons for new hunters. It’s recommended that new hunters stay away from weapons like spears. Understand the game you wish to hunt, and do it safely with the firearms listed above.

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