4 Things to do to Make Sure You’re Respecting Other Hunters

4 Things to do to Make Sure You’re Respecting Other Hunters

There are rules of the road in hunting just like anything else. Hunters are friendly folks who will show you respect, but expect the same in return. Here are four ways to respect other hunters and the sport itself.

Make sure to follow basic rules to respect fellow hunters

  1. Proper Safety Techniques
    You are using deadly weapons, so be sure you understand the regulations and never fire the weapon unless it’s 100% safe to do so.
  2. Approach Another Person Properly
    This is simple, keep the gun barrel down, pointed away from the other person, and keep your finger far from the trigger. Otherwise you appear threatening.
  3. No Mess
    Before you leave a site, pick up all shell casings and food wrappers. The goal is to leave the spot you’re at better than you found it.
  4. Library Rules
    Sometimes you’re ready to move on but others aren’t. In this case, move quietly and be sure to mask your scent so other hunters can have a go at the game in question.

These are basic rules of hunting etiquette, and if not followed you aren’t only being rude – worse you’re endangering fellow hunters and yourself! What tips do you have for practicing respectful hunting?

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