5 Tips to Familiarize Yourself with Hunting Land

5 Tips to Familiarize Yourself with Hunting Land

You’ve decided what you want to hunt and in what area…But, before you are fully ready to hunt, you need to familiarize yourself with the land you’ll be hunting. Use the landowner of the land you’re renting as a resource. Before you even arrive on the land, you can communicate with the landowner via HappyHunts — Ask questions!

Use these five tips to make sure your hunt is both safe and successful!

  1. Animal Activity
    The key is to look for markings and other types of indicators of activity. By finding these areas you’ll increase your chances of setting up in the right place for the action.

    Deer Tracks

    Photo Credit: Marion Doss

  2. Food and Water Sources
    These particular areas are best for setting up blinds or stands. Animals will frequent these areas and it’s best to be ready.


    Photo Credit: Susan Drury

  3. Natural Cover
    The land often helps with providing areas to set up. Look for fallen trees or other types of ditches, these areas are very helpful and can often conceal you better than artificially built structures.

    Trees for Hunting

    Photo Credit: Defense Images

  4. Landmarks
    Study landmarks when staking out a spot. This is very important if you haven’t hunted in a particular area. By knowing where certain objects are, this helps you navigate the ground. A notebook or annotated map is a great tool.
  5. Safety First
    Be sure the walk to your hunting spot is clear and easy. Nothing ruins a good day of hunting like a twisted ankle or some other injury.

Always be mindful of the area and animals around you. Chances are you’re hunting with buddies – make sure you are WELL AWARE of where they are at all times. These six tips will help you navigate the hunting ground, allowing you to maximize your pursuit of game while knowing where you are at all times.

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