5 Reasons to Hunt
January 23, 2016

So, you think you want to give hunting a shot (see what we did there!) Great! Hunting is not only an excellent way to get out of the office, get away from the rat race and challenge yourself in new … Continue reading

4 Major Types of Weapons for Hunting
January 13, 2016

For hunters, there are four different types of weapons. The best type of weapon depends on a few factors such as, the type of game you are hunting, regulations of the property you are hunting on and your personal preference. … Continue reading

14 Tips to Know for Beginning Hunters
January 7, 2016

Hunting is sport that takes strategy and patience. We asked several seasoned hunters for tips/advice for people who are new to the sport. Here’s what they told us: Use Camouflage Camouflage is necessary and varies based on game, season and … Continue reading