Essential supplies for Dressing Game

Essential supplies for Dressing Game

No doubt the most exciting part of the hunt is firing the shot leading to bagging an impressive animal. In order to properly handle your hunt, you need to be sure to dress your kill. The process of dressing involves removal of organs and storage of meat.


Here are three essential supplies for making sure you have the easiest time dressing your kill:

  • Very Sharp Knife

Animal hide is very tough to cut through, and making clean cuts is extremely important in dressing your kill. Hunting knives are not very expensive, but the key is that they’re sharp. Make sure you pick up items that will help keep your knife sharp.

  • Latex Gloves

Animals carry massive amounts of bacteria and if you’re not careful, you could get infected. Before you touch the animal, glove up and be cautious, you never know what’s on the inside. Be sure to cover up so you don’t get blood or other waste on your clothes or skin.

  • Anti-Microbial Soap

Not just for your skin, but for your knife as well. Make sure to continuously wash your knife so you don’t contaminate any meat. Wash any skin that may have come into contact with the animal as well.

The dressing is possibly the most important part of the hunt. Be sure to exercise great care during the entire process. By exercising the right level of caution, a good hunt will not get ruined by something easily preventable.

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