Finding Land for Hunting Should be Easier

Finding Land for Hunting Should be Easier


Like you, I’m a hunter. And just like you, I have a hard time finding new land to hunt on. I don’t mind my old hunting grounds, but at what point are you just doing the same thing and not creating memories with friends or challenging yourself as an individual?

To solve this problem, we created HappyHunts. HappyHunts is an online marketplace and mobile app that connects hunters like you to land owners who are seeking to monetize their private, undeveloped forested acreage.

Like you, these land owners appreciate the outdoors. The last thing they want to do is sell their undeveloped land to someone who will destroy it and they certainly don’t want to sell the land to the government for it to be preserved.

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HappyHunts online marketplace allows you to choose new, exciting places to hunt you otherwise would not explore.3.5-inch (iPhone 4) - Screenshot 1

Some benefits of using HappyHunts include:

  • Connect with private land owners
  • Find hunting and outdoor packages
  • Connect with outdoor service provides.
  • Apple and Andriod mobile apps
  • A Secure Platform
  • Simple and free to use

You’re looking to create memories with your buddies or have a memorable first hunt, and there’s no reason you should have to struggle to find the best places. HappyHunts allows you to search worry-free and enjoy the time spent in nature.

Get started today with your first trip by clicking this link today!


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