How To Gather Your Game the Right Way

How To Gather Your Game the Right Way

So the shot has been taken, the game is captured and now you have to move in and bag your kill.

Gather game

All activity generally stops when a shot is fired, but these steps are important to take when gathering your game:

  • Let Other Hunters Know You’re Moving In

As protocol goes, this is important. If you’re moving in without letting the other hunters know, then you are taking serious risk. Animals are probably not around, so you won’t interfere with their hunt. Be polite and let them know you’re coming.

  • Care When Approaching Target

The animal may not be dead, so caution is a must. Wounded animals are very dangerous. If your target is wounded, use a secondary shot to be humane.

  • Follow the Blood Trail

If the target is wounded and has wandered off, you must follow the trail and obtain your target. The key is not to put other hunters in danger. This is the least optimal situation as sometimes game can cover large distances when wounded

  • Determine Removal

Depending on the size of the target, it’s possible to dress it in the field. If not, prepare it for moving with harnessing ropes to drag the carcass out of the woods.

Understand that certain areas have procedures with how to tag the game you’ve killed. Just as you’re mindful with your licensing, be mindful of these procedures. Few things are more enjoyable than a successful hunt, but the hunt is not truly successful until you’ve done right by the animal, the other hunters, and the law.

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