Use the Right weapon for the right prey

Use the Right weapon for the right prey

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a gun fight armed with a steak knife. Similarly in hunting, the wrong weapon means a rough day or days in the woods, so with that in mind, here are some common sense weapon recommendations based on game.

  • Deer
    The most commonly used weapons for deer hunting include bows, muzzleloaders, 10-, 12- or 20-gauge shotguns loaded with buckshot and a variety of rifles. Check the laws in certain areas (use Happy Hunts for this) because although many weapons can be used for deer, not all are permitted.

    Deer Hunting

    Photo Credit: flickr/M&R Glasgow

  • Hogs
    Hog hunting requires rifles of any caliber, black powder of any caliber, shotguns, bows and even handguns. As with deer, check the regulations on hog hunting – there are some areas allowing year-round hunts!

  • Elk
    Because elk are a larger game animal, the best weapon is a high-caliber rifle. The key here is power, and these types of rifles bring down these massive animals.

    Elk Hunting

    Photo Credit: flickr/Larry Smith

  • Duck and other waterfowl
    Some areas permit bow hunting but if using a firearm the right move is a shotgun with bird shot. This keeps the ammunition from eviscerating the bird.

    Duck and Waterfowl Hutning

    Photo Credit: flickr/Peter Anderson

  • Turkeys
    Sure, you can hunt a turkey with a bow and arrow, but they’re tricky. Generally a 12-20 gauge rifle is the way to go, they’re accurate and give you a chance to bag this pesky animal.

    Turkey Hunting

    Photo Credit: flickr/Buck Valley Ranch

  • Bear
    Ok, THEORETICALLY you can use any type of weapon to take down a bear, but the reality is you need a high caliber firearm to do so and be safe.

    Bear Hunting

    Photo Credit: flickr/Ken McMillan

Just as you chose your game carefully, choose your firearm carefully, this will make your hunt that much more enjoyable and also will do right by the animal you’re hunting.

What is your weapon of choice when hunting?

What are your thoughts?