Why should you List your Land on HappyHunts

Why should you List your Land on HappyHunts

HappyHunts is a community for those who appreciate the great outdoors. We, just like you think there’s nothing better than spending time hunting, fishing, camping and exploring nature.

Our mission is to provide a marketplace for land or property owners like yourself to connect with outdoor enthusiasts seeking to rent private land for their next outdoor adventure.


Why should you list your land with HappyHunts?

  • Your land can earn you money
  • Creating a listing page is free—You’ll only pay a small service fee when you confirm a reservation
  • It’s safe—Our system allows you to market your property but maintain your personal privacy. All communication between you and potential renters happens on our platform. It also allows you to check out their profiles and make sure it’s a good fit for your property
  • You have full control—You set the price, availability and reservation requirements. You can also set custom prices based on seasonality and other factors.
  • You’ll help peek the interest of seasoned hunters as well as expose a new generation to the sport

Ready to get started? Head over to HappyHunts.com to set up your profile and list your land!

*We’re here to assist you every step along the way. If you run into question/concerns at anytime, please contact us and a member of the HappyHunts team is ready to help!

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